My sweet mom rigged these up for me, her almost 25 year old, so I wouldn’t be sick and miserable in the dark

absurdly nervous about work tomorrow

because a) I feel like a slacker for having been out of the office for three days when I have vacation in a week even though I’m FULLY AWARE of how dumb that is, and b) I’m worried I won’t be able to go the whole day without puking, passing out, or painfully writhing around on the ground somewhere and having to call one of my parents

wish me luck


Top 20 character showdown (as voted by my followers) || #20- Schmidt

room is full of fresh flowers, candlelit, and heartily supplied with homemade cookies, candy, and really sweet notes from friends

I’m 125% convinced that everyone’s thoughtfulness and well wishes are just as responsible for my recovery as meds and fluids

Oh my God, MS / risingxorchid <3 these are absolutely beautiful, but still just half as gorgeous as you and your generous soul, thank you so much!!

Caitriona on why Jamie and Claire are TV’s greatest love story [x]


What did the kidney say to the other kidney?

I’m stoned

I believe I scared the mailman when I staggered to the door and immediately got teary when he asked if I was Mary. Thank you for the wonderfully sweet (pun absolutely intended) care package, gengarite <3 day beyond made!

Okay so physically going into work was a dumb idea that my body and boss both promptly shut down

You were right, risingxorchid

Holy shit, I think I just passed the damn thing

risingxorchid replied to your post: okay, if I can make it through the night…

oh god why if your body lets you sleep, and your guts manage to stay inside like they were meant to, you should reward yourself like, turn-your-bedsheets-into-a-cocoon-and-watch-anime-all-day reward yourself, you feel me.

I feel you, my beautiful book babe. That might very well be how the day shakes out. Even if my body is cooperative tonight, there are no guarantees when it comes to the car ride. Our ten minute trip down the road today had me viciously sick both ways, so I’m not sure how the 40-minute commute will sort. 

BUT, I’d really like to get to work, if at all possible, even if it’s just for a half day. With vacation starting next Friday afternoon, plus the potential of this minor kidney stone surgery this Friday, I’d like to be as present as I can be. I always worry I’m stretching the good will of people too far. 

That being said, I promise I won’t take any unnecessary risks or push too hard if it feels unwise. <3 I refuse to do a single thing that will jeopardize my attendance to our impending magical reunion at Potter world.

okay, if I can make it through the night without turning my guts inside out and get some proper sleep, think I’m going to try work tomorrow


My word, Madam, if I were brave enough, I would commission you a Colonel in one of my regiments.