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what are two really nice wines to get someone for a special occasion?

excuse me, these magicians are given unlimited access to a general and apparently massive bank account that the school provides to all recent graduates because life is hard, have some money?

so far this is just reading like some poorly written HP fanfiction set in the American magical education system

9 gifs of Yuan's Cute/Silly moments
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Got kicked out of “The Experiment” event here because I wouldn’t stick my hand in a jar full of live roaches to dig out a key (I feel like even KS herself would give me a pass on that one OKAY)

Otherwise have just shrieked myself hoarse in all the houses. Except for the zombie one. We got to shoot them (laser tag style) and I kicked butt. Thanks L4D.

B99 Deleted Scenes

I’m going to Busch Gardens Tampa’s Howl-O-Scream thing tonight because my dad and aunt are con artists 

should’ve bought a turtleneck to go with my skinny jeans at the outlets yesterday and I could’ve chalked it all up to cosplay


ORAS Gym Leaders Here we GO!

xaevryn replied to your post: told my Nana that I thought it was best for us…

I’m proud to know the person you are now. <3 You’re awesome, and you inspire hope in me all the time when I lose it. Just in case you were doubting yourself.

Whoa, Nelly